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BMW iDrive Guide

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CCC iDrive

CCC - This is the "CCC" version of iDrive. It was in use until around 2009 (year varies by vehicle model) and was replaced by the "CIC" version shown below. The CCC version uses a single DVD for navigation updates. These are in stock and ready to be shipped. Please contact for more info.

CIC iDrive

CIC - This is the "CIC" version of iDrive. It was introduced around 2009 and replaced the "CCC" version. We currently offer the 2015 navigation update for this version of iDrive, for cars with a build date of 09/2009 or later.

NBT iDrive

NBT - It was introduced for 2013 model cars and replaced the "CIC" version shown above. It is very similar in style to the CIC model but has a 3D effect, is more detailed, and has sharper colors. If you're unsure whether you have CIC or NTB, you can tell by the menu selections. With NBT, the whole line is highlighted red while CIC uses a red box outline.

BMW Series Guide

Not sure what Series your car is? Check the listings below to find out.

G Series, and  F Series

F Series            Series                Model                                                Year         

F87                       2                          M2                                                                     2016 - Present

F48                      X1            X1 sDrive18i, sDrive25i, xDrive25i, xDrive28i            2016 - Present

F47                      X2            X2 SAV                                                                            2018

F26                      X4            X4 20dX, X4 20iX, X4 28iX,                                          2014 - Present

F86                      X6            X6 M                                                                               2015 - Present

F85                      X5            X5 M                                                                               2015 - Present

F83                       4              M4 Convertible                                                             2015 - Present

F82                       4              M4, M4 GTS                                                                   2015 - Present

F36                       4              4 GC, 428i, 428iX, 435dX, 435i, 435iX                        2015 - Present

F33                       4              4 Conv,  420i, 428i, 428iX, 435dX, 435i, 435iX          2014 - Present

F32                       4              4 Coupe 420i, 428i, 428iX, 435dX, 435i, 435iX          2014 - Present

F80                       3             M3                                                                                   2015 - Present

F34                       3            (GT)  328i, 328iX, 330d, 330dX, 335dX, 335i, 335iX 2014 - Present

F31                        3            328dX, 328i, 335dX, 335i, 335iX, 340i, 340ix              2012 - Present

F30                       3            328i, 328iX,  335dX, 335i, 335iX, 340i, 340ix,            2012 - Present

F25                       X3           X3 28i, X3 28iX, X3 30dX, X3 35dX, X3 35iX              2010 - Present

F22                       2            218d, 220d, 220i, 225d, 228i, 228iX, M235i, M235iX  2014 - Present

F23                       2            Convertible, 228i Convertible, M235i Convertible   2014 - Present

F46                       2             220i                                                                                 2015 - Present

F45                       2             Active Tourer, 214d, 216d, 220i, 225i, 225iX               2015 - Present

F21                        1             2nd        118i, 120d, 120dX, 125d, 125i, M135i, M135iX 2012 - Present

F20                       1              14d, 114i, 116d, 11 125i, M135i, M135iX                           2012 - Present

F15                        X5           X5 50iX, X5 50iX 4.0, X5 50iX 4.4, X5 M50dX           2014 - Present

F13                        6              640i, 640iX, 650i, 650iX, 650iX 4.0, 650iX 4.4, M6  2011 - Present

F12                         6             640i, 640iX, 650i, 650iX, 650iX 4.0, 650iX 4.4, M6  2012 - Present

F10                         5            528i, 528iX, 535dX, 535i, 535iX, 550i, 550iX, M5,      2010 - 2016

F06                        6            640i, 640iX, 650i, 650iX, , 650iX 4.4,  B6X, M6         2013 - Present

F01                         7           740i, 750dX, 750i, 750iX, 760i, B7, B7X, Hybrid 7        2008-2015

G Series   Series         Model                         Model Year

G07                 X7                   Full size SAV                                       2019

G20                  3                    7th generation 3 series sedan.        2018

G12                   7                     740i xDrive, 750i xDrive, 740e        2016 - Present

G31                   5                     5 Series Touring                               2017

G30                  5                      5 Series Sedan                                 2017

G02                  X4                    X4                                                      Mid - 2018

G01                   X3                    X3                                                      Late 2017

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